Newspaper Clippings

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How can I safely remove old newspaper clippings that are glued in a 60 year old scrapbook - the pages are brittle, browned and musty. I would like to transfer everything to a new scrapbook, but getting the newspaper off is tedious and painstaking! Thanks!

Newspaper Clippings

There are no magical tricks for preserving your old clippings or removing them from an old album, but you may want to try some adhesive remover for the glue. You will have to be extremely careful not to ruin the newspaper, but if you apply it from the back of the page you it may help a little.

You can buy sprays like "Archival Mist" that is formulated to preserve newspaper and neutralize the acid contained in the paper.

Most craft stores and/or scrapbook supply store carry adhesive remover and archival sprays.



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