Name Plate Filler

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I am making a baby scrapbook for my goddaughter’s baby. I am relatively new at scrapbooking. The album I purchased has a "name plate" on the cover (I’m not sure that is what it’s called). It’s the kind that you see on the old card catalogs in libraries. I think I’m supposed to put something in

Name Plate Filler

For the nameplate on the scrapbook you could use letter tiles or tags depending on how large the frame is on the album. Stamps are an easy way to create words. You could use a fancy font like calligraphy and spell out the babies name on cardstock and then layer it on patterned background paper. Stencils are also an easy solution to creating fancy letters to display the name. If you are really ambitious you could embroider the letters and mount it on a paper to place in the frame. I would top it off with a bow or some sort of embellishment to dress up the book a little.



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