Using Chalk as a Coloring Solution for Your Scrapbook Layouts

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Using Chalk as a Coloring Solution for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Chalk is a wonderful coloring tool. It adds soft color to your scrapbooking images. You can use chalk to color things on your pages or chalk the edges of torn paper for added dimension and appeal.

Apply your chalk with chalk applicators (similar to eye shadow applicators), cotton balls or cotton swabs. Seal your chalk by brushing off excess dust and rubbing your surface with paper towel to prevent unwanted smudges.

One disadvantage to using chalk for your scrapbooking project is it tends to be messy and can stain fabrics, carpet and other surfaces. When you are using your chalks keep them away from the edge of your working area so they don't accidentally get spilled. Also wear an apron to protect your clothing.

Chalk can be purchased at scrapbook retailers; craft stores or discount scrapbook suppliers.



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