Fabric Flowers for Scrapbook Layouts

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Fabric Flowers for Scrapbook Layouts

Fabric flowers make great embellishments on scrapbook pages. These flowers have a long life span and unlike plastic flowers, fabric flowers look more realistic.

All you need to make the flowers is fabric, pieces of old nylon, glue and wire.


Make a wire loop. This will be one petal. Next, apply glue to the petal, and place fabric on top. Now, stretch a piece of an old nylon over the loop and secure with tape. Continue making loops until you have enough to make a flower. Then, twist the wires together. Fold out your flower and secure it your scrapbook page with adhesive.

Flowers are extremely versatile and can be sporadically placed on your scrapbook pages. They can be used with a variety of themes and can create many different looks for your page layouts. Your supplies can be purchased at discount scrapbook supply outlets, craft stores or a fabric retailer.



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