Using Handprints to Accent Your Scrapbook Pages

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Using Handprints to Accent Your Scrapbook Pages

One of the most precious accents to a child's scrapbook pages is their handprint. Handprints are popular in baby books or grandparent scrapbooks. You can create a page border with tiny handprints or cut them out and strategically place them on your pages. You can also use them for backgrounds.

To make the prints, prepare a flat surface. Next, put acrylic paint into a paper plate. Now, have your child place his or her hands in the paint and then on your scrapbook surface, one at a time. Acrylic paint is easier to wash off their hands then other products or inks. When the paint dries, you will have a permanent record of your child's handprints.

Do this periodically as your children grow and you can see how their hands gradually get larger as they get older.



5/24/2007 8:49:41 AM
Bud said:

this is a weird tip!

5/24/2007 8:50:50 AM
Jenny said:

This is a great tip! It really works. I tried it and I think you guys rock!


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