Embellish With Metal Charms

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Embellish With Metal Charms

Metal charms can add personalized elements to your scrapbook pages. Charms are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes to fit nearly any theme. Add charms to memorabilia from your childhood, graduation or wedding days.

There are several ways to attach charms to your page. One way to attach the metal charm is to sew it directly onto your page with thread or embroidery floss. This idea works really well on scrapbooks with fabric backgrounds.

Another suggestion is to string wire through the charm and attach both ends of the wire to secure eyelets. Then push your ends of the wire into the background where they are hidden from view.

A third idea is to glue the charm directly onto the scrapbook page. Most regular glues do not work on metal. However, glue dots or liquid glass are good adhesive choices.

You can purchase metal charms and most scrapbook supply stores and online with other discount scrapbook supplies.



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What I'd like you guys do, is tell me eyelets are. Since I'm just a beginner, that would be really helpful!

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