Watercolor Pencils for Scrapbooking

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Watercolor Pencils for Scrapbooking

You can use watercolor pencils wet or dry. These pencils give you professional looking results with the benefits of being easy to use, providing lots of pigment, having a reasonable price, and the a fine point to use for coloring small areas.

Here are some suggestions for using your watercolor pencils on your scrapbooking pages:

Rub your pencil tip on a piece of paper (using it as a palette), building up pigment. Use a damp brush, water pen or blender pen to pick up pigment and add to your art. This is a great way to mix colors.

For bright bold colors, take the pigment directly from your pencil tip. Dip your brush in water and press to the tip of the pencil. This will give you undiluted pigment for bold colors.

You can achieve a thick opaque look by dipping the tip of your pencil in water and applying the color wet.

Dry use of watercolor pencils to color stamped images on dark paper or on velour paper gives beautiful results for scrapbooking needs.

Watercolor pencils can be a great addition to your scrapbooking collection. These coloring tools can be used to enhance several elements on your scrapbook pages. Watercolor pencils can be purchased with other discount scrapbook supplies or at most craft stores.



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I agree... pictures for these types of tips would be fantastic!

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