Creative Photo Corners

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Creative Photo Corners

Photo corners can be a wonderful addition to your scrapbook page layouts. Add variety and originality to your photos. Jolees offers many kinds of unique photo corners, such as daisies in assorted colors, pearl centered flowers, bumble bees and more. EK Success also produces a variety of photo corner in several different shapes and styles, They have baseballs, Mickey Mouse heads, lady bugs, etc. There are several types of decorative corners available for purchase at scrapbooking supplies retailers.

You can also make your own original photo corners to hold your photographs on your pages.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Cut a 3"-4" round paper doily into four pieces leaving you with four quarter-pieces. Fold the long edges in to the center to create decorative photo corners for your photos. For antique photos try cream-colored doilies that will accent you're the colors in your photographs.
  • You can use rubber stamps to create photo corners. Place the picture on the page and mark the four corners very lightly with a pencil. Set the photo aside. Stamp over the marks with your stamps. Using a craft knife, cut around the inside of the stamped image (not around the whole image). Slide the corners of your photos in the four small slots created by partially cutting around the inside of the stamped image.
  • Use Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids as corners for pictures of "ouches." Johnson's plain band-aids are acid-free. This will add a creative twist to a children's scrapbook page layout.

Whether you purchase photo corners or make your own, you will be able to off set your page with these handy embellishments.



10/15/2007 6:28:59 AM
Samantha said:

Photos would help us who can't visualize too well!

Moderator: I am trying to post links for pictures on my blog; so try there. I will be posting example for certain projects soon.


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