Ways to Adhere Your Transparencies

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Ways to Adhere Your Transparencies

Transparencies are a wonderful alternative to typical scrapbook layouts but one of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do I adhere the transparency my page layout?”

Here are some suggestions:

Attach your transparency to your pages by using brads or eyelets; Bazzill carries many different colors of these little accessory fasteners. This can be done at the four corners, or be even more creative and incorporate it into your page design.

You can also use ribbon, fiber, twine, etc. to fasten the transparency onto your layout. EK Success carries a variety of colors and patterns for ribbon. They have fun fiber adornments that make great additions to your page layouts. First, punch a hole (or holes) through the transparency and the cardstock, then weave the product through. Strategically placed, this can be an excellent choice for a fastening solution.

Sew the transparency to the paper. Many scrapbookers (and non-scrapbookers) have started to sew their paper. Sewing on a transparency is a good alternative.

Put embellishments on top of the transparency. By putting certain embellishments on top of the transparency, it can be adhered. Some examples of embellishments you can use are conchos, nail heads, etc.

You can use adhesive if there is a spot on your transparency that will be hidden, you can use adhesive to hold the transparency on. Just make sure it will be hidden when your creation is complete.



3/2/2007 8:38:32 AM
maria said:

wow. thanks so much. wonderful ideas. really helped me.


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