Scrapbook Photo and Page Placement

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Scrapbook Photo and Page Placement

Once you have determined a theme for your scrapbook, whether it is a baby scrapbook, wedding album, or a graduation scrapbook, you need to decide how you will place your photos. You will need to determine the order of the photographs or events. Traditionally people tend to like things in chronological order. For instance in a baby scrapbook you would start with the newborn pictures and follow up as the baby grows. Depending on your theme the sequence can change a bit.

You can group items into formal or informal categories such as similar colors, events, activities, individuals, or families. Items can also be placed into random, abstract, or collages.

For a mother, a scrapbook containing pictures and mementos of her children's school photos, artwork, homemade cards and more would consist of big collages so she could look at them often. A birthday album may be organized by year and contain pictures for the birthdays of several children.

Your pages can be organized any way that makes sense to you. Scrapbooks are a personal representation of the subject and the creator, so there are no rules.



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