Scrapping With Your Favorite Disney Character

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Scrapping With Your Favorite Disney Character

Disney themes are very popular among young children. There is an enormous selection of Disney scrapbooking items available. You can create adorable pages with a Disney scrapbooking theme for your memory books. Here are some ideas of characters for your Disney themed pages:

Winnie the Pooh and Friends are cute pals that can be used for newborn pages or young babies. Tigger is a special friend that looks fabulous on baby boy themed pages. Piglet and Kanga are just made for “little girls”.

Disney princess themes are ever so popular among girls of all ages. Young girls love to dress up and look like “little princesses”. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Jasmin, and Mulon are featured individually or together on different pictures, stickers and page layouts. You can create darling scrapbook pages for your “princess” with these scrapbook supplies.

Mickey Mouse himself is a wonderful friend to have on your pages. Mickey is very versatile he can be a universal character for all kinds of themes and page layouts.

Disney scrapbooking supplies are essential to any Disney fan. If your kids love Disney then your scrapbooks can reflect that image. Let your older kids participate in making the scrapbook pages and decorating the layouts. The scrapbooks will be more precious with several hands to help.



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