Shaker Boxes for Your Scrapbooking Pages

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Shaker Boxes for Your Scrapbooking Pages

Shaker boxes add depth and dimension to your scrapbooking layouts. Create a distinctive design for your scrapbook page with a shaker box.

Supply List:

Cardstock (desired color)



Clear sheet protector (same size as your paper)

Double sided foam tape

“Shakies” – beads, small marbles, die cuts, etc.

1. Cut two pieces of cardstock and 1 sheet protector into your desired shape and size. Note: Both must be the same size.
2. Cut the center of one piece of cardstock to make a frame
3. Glue the protector over the opening to create a frame “window”
4. Line the “window” with foam tape. This will make a container for the “shakies”
5. Add your “shakies” or a small picture if you want a shadow box instead.
6. Remove the backing off the foam tape and secure the plastic protector.


Use vellum as the “window”

Use foam dots in place of tape

Use ready made shaker tags for simplicity



6/6/2011 2:48:28 PM
Merryjean said:

I like this idea and I may very well use it. Thanks for the idea


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