Simple Embellishments to Personalize Your Albums

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Simple Embellishments to Personalize Your Albums

Scrapbooking has become complicated and confusing. With so many embellishments, paper, scissors and supplies to choose from, how are you supposed to get any scrapbook pages completed?

Here are some ideas for simple embellishments that will personalize your pages.

Use memorabilia to accent your scrapbook pages and photos. For example, you can cut out parts of maps, vacation brochure, save ticket stubs, etc., to use on your pages for embellishments (you don't want to overdue your pages with embellishments because you want your photographs to be the most important).

Use photo sleeves to store items you want to keep. Anything you can tuck in between the pictures that are related to that person or event will accentuate your page immensely.

Stickers, brads, eyelets, fibers and other types of embellishments should be used sparingly.

Remember simple is better. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many products. Your pages will look their best if they are kept basic and clutter-free.



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