Page Layout Ideas

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Page Layout Ideas

Brainstorming for new ideas is half the battle when it comes to creating your page layouts. Sometimes your mind can draw a blank when you sit down to have a cropping session. With so many ideas running through your mind during the day it is almost impossible to remember them all. So one suggestion is to keep a notebook near by to jot down your ideas and maybe even draw some design sketches so it will be easy to recall later.

You can also browse magazines and idea books for new designs and page layouts. If you find something you like mark it in the book so you can reference it later.

Another suggestion is to create your layout idea even if you don't have the photos available. You can get everything made and add your photos later.

Keeping track of innovative ideas will help you make the most of your scrapbooking time. If you have the ideas then your will be ready to “pump out” several pages and use your time wisely.



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