Scrapbooking Sticker Placement

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Scrapbooking Sticker Placement

Scrapbooking stickers can either make a page or ruin it visually. Sticker placement can be tricky and if you put a sticker in the wrong place it may be hard to move it once it is stuck to your paper. When using small stickers you want to refrain from using a large amount. This prevents the page from looking cluttered. You can make a large sticker look neat and more noticeable by outlining it with a solid color of paper that matches your original scrapbooking paper (this can also be done when using letter stickers).

Another sticker placement solution you can try is to cover strip of cardboard with waxed paper. Arrange stickers or letters on it and place it on page to see how it would look and/or fit. Stickers and letters can be easily removed from waxed paper.

Also, with your sticker sheet you can cut each section apart, keeping your backing intact and rearrange the pieces until your get them where you want them. Then, peel off the backing and adhere the sticker to your page layout.



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