Crayons for Scrapbooking?

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Crayons for Scrapbooking?

One of the most versatile items you can include in your scrapbooking supplies is a stamp. They are fun and easy to use, plus they look wonderful on your pages.

One way you can use your stamps is for the crayon resist technique. Crayon resist is used to enhance stamped images on scrapbook pages, cards, tags etc.

Here is what you will need:

Glossy paper (cardstock that is glossy on one side)

White crayon

Sponge (must be dry and clean)

Ink pad (desired colors)

Stamps (any shape or size)

First, random stamp your image of choice on the glossy paper.

Then, trace around the images with the white crayon exaggerating the outline.

Now, take a sponge and dab it onto an inkpad. In a circular motion swirling the sponge on the glossy paper in various places. Use multiple colors to create a marble effect.

The white crayon will resist the ink from the sponge and show up as a shadow effect for your image.

Successful hints:

Make sure your glossy paper is acid-free, lignin-free and memory safe.

Use a high quality craft sponge so you don't have to worry about it falling apart or not working correctly.

Stamp your images completely. (partial or faded images don't look as good).

Crayon resist can enhance the overall look of your pages and offers variety to your layouts.



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