Velvet for Stamping?

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Velvet for Stamping?

There are so many different ways you can use stamps and create beautiful scrapbook images. Different types of material can be used on your page layouts. Velvet is a material that will add elegance to your pages. Use it for your Valentine layouts, Wedding pages or baby memories.

Here is what you will need:

Velvet (plush type)

Dry iron

Squirt bottle with water

Stamps (bold, solid stamps work best)

After you gather your supplies you are ready get started.

First, set your iron on the "wool" setting, which is usually the hottest.

Then, lightly spray your velvet with water.

Next, place your stamp face up on your work surface.

Then, place the velvet right side down on top or your stamp and hold for 30-35 seconds. Remove and "viola" you have a stamped image in the velvet!

Hints for success:

Solid stamps work best.

Make sure the velvet is made of acetate/rayon or silk--NOT cotton or polyester.

Some irons have steam holes on the bottom. If this is the case reposition your iron so that the holes are not directly over your larger stamps.

Let the stamp cool down before stamping with it again.

Velvet will enhance your entire layout. Your scrapbooking pages will be unique and impressive using the velvet stamping technique.



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