Scrapbook Frequently Asked Questions

What plastics are safe?

Where is information on crop, cut, trim, cropping or cropped?

What is journaling?

What is journalling?

What is PVC?

How can I plan an album?

What is an ABC Album?

How can I crop interesting shapes?

What is acid?

What is acid migration?

What is cropping?

How can I stop fingerprints getting on my photos?

What are page protectors?

What is scrapbooking?

What is acid free?

What is the Acid Scale?

What is a crop?

What does LSS stand for?

What is Vellum?

What is a wax pencil?

What sort of paper can I use in my album?

What is a template?

What is a corner rounder?

How can I decorate my album pages?

What is a die cut?

What is a border?

What is a Magnetic Album?

What is Alpha Cellulose?

What are photo tabs?

What sort of adhesives are there?

What is paper piecing?

What is lignin?

What is Rag Paper?

What does mount mean?

What does Buffered mean?

What is a punchie?

How can I cut circles?

What is a circle cutter?

What is PVC free?

what is an eyelet?

What is Lignin-Free?

What is a polaroid photo?

What are adhesives?

How can I store memorabilia in my album?

What is Lamination

How can I use a square punch?

What is a trimmer?

What is a sticker?

What is a power punch?

What are Photo Corners?

What is a paper doll?

How can I put my photos on a page?

What is lightfast?

What is a punch?

What does mat mean?

What is Mylar?

What is pigma ink?

What is a memory album?

What is polyethylene?

What is a heritage photo?

What sort of photos should I not crop?

What is Mulberry Paper

What is Punch Art?

What does Photo Safe mean?

What is neutral?

How do I scrapbook for my kids?

How do I scrapbook with my kids?

How do I choose a scrapbooking album?

How do I do scrapbook journaling?

What are some creative ways to use scrapbook paper?

What is paper piecing?

How can I use stickers in scrapbooking?

What are some easy scrapbooking techniques?

What are some good scrapbooking techniques?

What are some fun scrapbooking themes?

What are some good scrapbook tools?

What are some interesting scrapbook layouts?

How can I find scrapbook supplies?

What is scrapbook embellishment?

How can I use stencils in my scrapbooking?

I'm looking for basic ideas on how to scrapbook?

Any ideas on scrapbooking for kids?

How do you use vellum quotes?

I am new at this and don’t know where to start. I have lots of school photos of my daughter from various grades. Some grades I have approximately 5 to 10 of the same photo but of different sizes. How can I use these in my scrapbook? I do not want to discard of my photos but I only seem to find t

I am making a baby scrapbook for my goddaughter’s baby. I am relatively new at scrapbooking. The album I purchased has a "name plate" on the cover (I’m not sure that is what it’s called). It’s the kind that you see on the old card catalogs in libraries. I think I’m supposed to put something in

I want to journal across the entire 12" page using my computer, but I cannot find a printer that accepts 12" wide paper. I have seen this effect in books. How do they do it?

Does everything used in my scrapbook have to be acid free, or just the objects touching the pictures?

Is crayons acid free, or safe to use to color embellishments? How about pastels?

What is the best glue to use for embellishments such as buttons?

Would you please advise me on different ways to attach vellum to scrapping pages? Other than matting I don't know what to use because the adhesive shows through the paper.

I'm just wondering the best way to do a scrapbook for concert tickets? I haven't seen anything out there for something like that and it's a project I'm anxious to start. Thanks!

I'm moving and want to preserve some memories so what can I buy or do to help me get started?

I would like to know how to attach my photos to the scrapbook pages. I am a novice scrapbooker.

Is it okay to use regular white glue for scrapbooking?

I went to a class where we made 6 X 6 layouts for scrapbook but now I would like to turn them into 8 1/2 x 11 pages. What is best way to do that?

How can I make the cover of my scrapbook more interesting?

How can I safely remove old newspaper clippings that are glued in a 60 year old scrapbook - the pages are brittle, browned and musty. I would like to transfer everything to a new scrapbook, but getting the newspaper off is tedious and painstaking! Thanks!

What is the best size scrapbook to use?

What is the best way to label the outside spine of scrapbook albums?

I have never used eyelets before and would like to use them since I have seen many layouts that look great with them. How do I put them on a page?

What size does the paper have to be?

What kind of pen is safe to write on the backs of pictures with?

How do I have just one theme for my book?

Where can I find instructions on how to use my new embellishing tools?

I would like to use a piece of baby blanket as an "embellishment" on one page and a piece of baby blanket binding (the satiny edging) on another scrapbook page. How would you suggest I secure these items in place? I am wondering if there is an adhesive that you would suggest, or should I be thinkin

I am new to scrapbooking and have some questions. Do I have to use page protectors or can I not use them and have hinged archival pages with photos touching each other? This is what a friend told me to do (no page protectors).

I would like to start scrapbooking and have lots of ideas but I have some basic questions that none of the books or websites that I’ve consulted have answered. Most of the albums I’ve seen look very similar to photo albums. Does each page of the scrapbook go under a regular photo album type clear

How do I preserve actual ultrasound pictures for a scrapbook?

How do I plan a scrapbook party? Who do I go through to get the scrapbook stuff that I can sell to those attending the party?

I just finished my very first scrapbook and probably the most precious of all is my wedding album. I bought all the acid-free, lignin-free stickers, backgrounds, sleeves etc. I also printed numerous notes on regular and colored paper (office quality not scrapbook) from a regular printer with regul

How can I use paper piercing for my scrapbook pages?

What is the purpose of hinges on your scrapbook layouts?

How can I use accordion albums?

What is a squash book?

How can I customize metal accessories?

What is a new background technique I can use for my layouts?

How can I create dimension with my stamps?

How can I use facial tissue for my stamped images?

How can I use fibers on my pages?

What is a stipple brush?

What is a recipe scrapbook?

Where on my scrapbooking pages can I use rub-on transfers?

What are the most common scrapbooking album sizes?

What are Paper Bliss embellishments used for?

How can you use Stickopotamus stickers for crafts?

What are brads?

What is an altered CD holder?

What can you make with a scrapbook punch?

What kind of writing tools are safe for my pages layouts?

What are vacation scrapbooks?

How can I create page layouts in a fast efficient manner?

Who uses stickers for scrapbook pages?

What type of artistic technique offers variety for my pages?

What are different types of templates that can be used for scrapbooking?

What are some types of metal embellishments that can be used on page layouts?

How can you organize your scrapbooking ideas?

What is Vellum paper?

What are some methods of aging paper and some terms or names to describe this technique?

How do you get started with scrapbooking?

What is a fun technique to do on your scrapbook pages with stencils?

What kind of materials can be used in a tag maker?

What does the Clickit do?

What is a scrapbook tool that a lot of people forget about?

What are some types of specialty paper?

Name a paper distressing technique.

What is one way you can use scrapbook paper scraps?

Where can you print your digital scrapbook pages?

What is the first step to creating your own digital scrapbook?

What are the two basic types of digital programs?

What is an important thing to know before you start digital scrapbooking?

What is one reason scrappers like digital scrapbooking?

What is the key aspect of digital scrapbooking?

How should you start to make your own scrapbook page kit?

What is included in most scrapbooking kits?

What is one way to organize your scrapbook kits?

What is included in scrapbooking kits for kids?

Where can you buy photo calendar kits?

What can you use to decorate a unique Disney page border?

What is included in a full Disney scrapbook kit?

What type of item makes a great Disneyland memento to include in your Disney album?

What is one idea for scrapbooking character autographs?

Why not use rubber cement on your scrapbook layouts?

What is a good scrapbook glue to use for fibers and ribbons?

What do you do when you use too much glue on your scrapbook embellishments?

What can you do with adhesive sheets?

What is a solution to spreading liquid scrapbook adhesive evenly?

What can you use to decorate your die cuts?

How much are die cutting machines?

What is a unique type of die cut?

What is one tip for taking good photo of your baby?

What is one idea for a quick baby book?

What is a pregnancy scrapbook?

What is one technique you can use to enhance your baby scrapbook pages?

What is an option for organizing 12x12 scrapbook paper?

What is the best way to organize stickers?

How should your store pens and markers?

How can your protect your clear stamps?

How can you quickly organize photos so you can have them ready to attach to your pages?

What is one suggestions for storing and organizing scrapbook tools?

What is one suggestion for using a scrapbook punch?

What will help clean and sharpen your scrapbook punches?

What will types of material will scrapbook punches cut through?

What is one embellishment that may not be safe for your scrapbook pages?

What is one idea for embellishing your scrapbook pages with ribbon?

What are some common uses for slide mounts?

What is a gift idea for a wedding shower recipe book?

What comes in a recipe scrapbook kit?

What is one of the easiest ways to make a recipe scrapbook?

What is a mini recipe scrapbook idea?

What is one idea for a recipe scrapbook?

What is the first thing to do when creating your wedding scrapbook?

What is one wedding scrapbook idea?

How can you start to prepare your wedding scrapbook?

How can you create a digital scrapbook slideshow?

What are some ideas of what to include in a wedding anniversary scrapbook?

How can you use letter stickers on your scrapbook pages?

How can your buy scrapbooking sticker at a discount?

What is quilling?

What is doodling on a scrapbook page?

Where can scrappers get ideas from?

What is one use for liquid applique?

What happens when you use a magnetic scrapbook album?

What should you cover the board book with for your scrapbook?

How can you store Christmas cards?

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