Selecting the Right Scrapbook Album

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What do you have to do to remove pages from a strap hinge scrapbook album?

Selecting the Right Scrapbook Album

Scrapbook albums are available in various designs, sizes, colors and models. The deciding factor for album size should be how many photos you have to scrap. Design and color is typically determined by the album theme.

There are a couple basic types of scrapbooking albums including the postbound and strap-hinge.

Postbound albums are not as user-friendly as the 3-ring album. In order to remove pages, you must take out the posts. These albums can be expandable if you purchase additional posts. The album is made to layout flat when opened. Postbound albums are also used with plastic page protectors.

The strap bound scrapbook album has a strap hinge that typically hides the binding and allows the pages to lay flat. Generally, strap-hinge scrapbooks have paper pages that are bound directly to the book and special page protectors that can be purchased separately. The pages cannot be removed unless the strap is taken off. Westrim Crafts is a recognized leader in strap-hinge albums. Consider one of their scrapbooking albums, which come in a variety of colors.

Selecting the right scrapbook album can be difficult if you do not know the uses of different albums. Research the scrapbook albums that are available and determine which album will meet your individual needs.



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