Turning Self Adhesive Stickers into 3-D Images

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How can you take away the stickiness from your self-adhesive stickers?

Turning Self Adhesive Stickers into 3-D Images

There is a wide variety of dimensional stickers available, but if you want to use regular self-adhesive stickers, like die cuts, in order to create 3-D images on your page layouts, there is a trick to getting your stickers not to stick. Use baby powder to take away the “stick” from your sticker. Just dab your finger into the baby powder and rub it on the back of your sticker.

You can use your “sticky less” stickers by adding some 3-D foam on the back to make them stand out on your scrapbook pages. For example, if you have a baseball sticker and want the baseball to be 3-dimensional, use the powder to de-stick the baseball sticker and add some 3-D foam, then your done.

De-sticking your stickers is just one new way to think “out of the box” when it comes to scrapbook embellishments.



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