Scrapbook Adhesives

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What are glue dots used for?

Scrapbook Adhesives

There are many different types of scrapbooking adhesives that are safe to use on your scrapbooking layouts. Here are some popular scrapbooking adhesives and their functions:

Glue dots: These little dabs of glue are strong enough to hold embellishments like buttons and ribbon. There are also pop-up glue dots that help add dimension to your pages.

Photo splits: These come in cardboard dispensers and are double-sided for easy sticking power.

Tape runners: These come in dispensers and are refillable. Just roll the dispenser over your paper and add your embellishments, photos, etc. You can use permanent or temporary adhesive with tape runners.

Xyron: A non-electric scrapbook adhesive machine that applies adhesive to the back of your paper so you can use it like a sticker.

Pop dots or 3-D foam squares: These are pieces of foam with double-sided adhesive that will raise items off the page.

Metal glue: This glue is used to adhere metal charms and other embellishments.

Tacky tape: Used for gluing down beads, sand, glitter, etc.

All of these scrapbooking adhesives can safely be used on your scrapbook layouts. Using the right adhesive will ensure the preservation of your scrapbook pages.



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