Funky Fibers

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How can I use fibers on my pages?

Funky Fibers

Fiber strands are quite the rage among avid scrappers. They can be used to accent may aspects of the page layout. You can string them through eyelets, tie them in knots or bows, wrap them around your stamped images or die-cuts, use them as tag toppers, etc.

Dying them with your re-inkers can also customize fibers so they will match your color combinations. Put on some latex gloves so you don't color your fingers and drop some re-inker (in a coordinating color) in a craft jar. Place the fiber strand into the jar and press down until it is fully saturated in the ink. Then, let it sit for one or two minutes depending on how dark you want the color (darker colors take longer). Remove the fiber strand from the jar and squeeze out the excess of ink. Rinse it in cool water and allow it to dry completely.

You can create funky colors and designs with your inks. Try creating a tie dyed effect by tying loose knots in the fiber before you dye it. Also you can use different colors or just color parts of your fiber strands. There are many different things you can do with color and your fibers. Let your imagination loose and see what you come up with, you are sure to make some “funky fibers” that will accent your layouts beautifully.

Hint: If you are in a hurry you can heat your colored fibers in the microwave to speed up the drying process.



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