Foam Texture Technique

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What is a new background technique I can use for my layouts?

Foam Texture Technique

Create unique textures for your scrapbooking pages by using packing foam. Foam texturing is a simple way to make a distinct background design for your page layout. By using your imagination, inks and plain piece of foam you can create appealing patterns with this foam texture technique.

Fold the piece of foam (thin packing foam) into a 3 x 3 square. Then, press the foam firmly into your inkpad until the ink is visible. Now, press the foam onto your cardstock in a rolling motion, starting with your index finger and rolling your hand across the paper ending up with your pinky finger. Do this until the desired texture is achieved. You can foam texture with just one color or many. Use your own creativity and “let loose” for an original design.

The foam pieces are reusable and can be cleaned with an ink cleaner or mild soap. Just allow the foam to dry and it can be used again on another project.



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