Sharing Scrapbooking Page Kits

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Sharing Scrapbooking Page Kits

If you want to get plenty of different scrapbook layout ideas and need to add variety to your scrapbooks, then why not swap ideas with fellow scrappers.

Create a group of scrapbookers and each person make a layout to share. After you have created your layout, then you make a scrapbook page kit for each member of your group.

The original creator will have all the supplies in the kits ready for their group members to assemble the page layout. Everything should be cut, stamped, colored, etc. All embellishments used on the "master" layout should also be included in the kit. For easy assembly take a picture of the page layout and include assembling instructions.

The group members can decide how many scrapbook page kits you want to swap. By making the kits ready-to-assemble it makes it easy to build wonderful page layouts in no time and get ideas that might spark your own imagination for future layouts.



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