Sculpting Foam

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Sculpting Foam

Sculpting foam can be used for many purposes. You can stamp on it, use it to fill in an image or decorate items with it.

Here are some suggestions about how to use sculpting foam for your scrapbook pages.

Roll out foam then stamp an image on it with or without ink.

Cut out an image using scissors, cookie cutters or leave it rugged by tearing or ripping.

Add re-inker to the foam while working it to change the color of the foam.

Be creative and have fun. The sky is the limit.

Hints about working with sculpting foam:

Before using your sculpting foam, it is helpful to let the foam dry out a bit. Keep the lid off for a few hours. You will also want to "work" your foam before you use it. Do this by taking the desired amount out of the jar and squishing it over and over in your hands until it starts to thicken up. When you pull it apart and tears instead of strings out, then you know it is ready.



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