Dry Embossing

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Dry Embossing

Dry embossing is a technique recommended for more experienced scrapbookers or those with advanced artistic ability. It is a more difficult technique. You don't need a lot of scrapbooking supplies, but you will need some specialized tools.


Light table

Embossing stylus

Stencils (dry embossing stencils, which are usually a bronze stencil)

Cardstock or Foil paper


Tape or place the stencil in place over a well-lit light table. Then position the cardstock or foil paper over your desired image on the stencil. You will see the shape through the paper. Now, use your embossing stylus to trace around the image, this will create a raised effect on your paper. You need to be careful not to press too hard or you might rip your paper (especially the foil paper sheets).

Hints for success:

Keep your stencil in place (if it moves it will be hard to line it back up with your paper).

Don't press too hard (you might rip the paper of pock the stylus through)

Use a well-lit table so you can see the image well and stay on track with your stencil.

Dry embossed images look very appealing and give your pages a "professional" persona.



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