Christmas Card Album

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How can you store Christmas cards?

Christmas Card Album

A quick and easy idea for storing your treasured Christmas cards and letters is to create a Christmas card keepsake album. This handmade scrapbook album will be fun to flip though for many years. You can include cards, postcards, letters and even photographs. A fun way to preserve your pages and make them sturdy is to use decoupage. A clear decoupage or an antique finish works great with scrapbook pages.

You can trim the cards so you can display the front design and inside messages side-by-side. Another idea is to create card collages if you have lots of cards to include. If you get photographs from family and friends include them next to the cards. Be sure to display the year so you can remember when they were sent.

This is a great project for children to be involved in. Let your kids help assemble the cards and pick out any embellishments they want to include on the pages. Store the scrapbook pages in 3-ring scrapbook albums so you can easily add more pages each year.



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