Using Liquid Applique

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What is one use for liquid applique?

Using Liquid Applique

There are so many scrapbooking products to choose from that it is hard to decide what to use on your scrapbooking pages. Dimension on your scrapbooking layouts creates a lovely appearance for your pages. If you are looking for some new ideas for scrapbooking then trying a new product can help you come up with some original designs. Using a product called liquid applique will help you achieve dimension on your scrapbook layouts and also add some character to your stamps, letters or die cut shapes.

When using liquid applique on your scrapbook layouts, you should remember to use it sparingly. Gently squeeze the tube on the item or area where you want to apply it. Go over the letters or fill in the shape you desire. Liquid applique works best if you let it dry overnight, but if you can't wait for it to dry you can use a heat embossing tool to dry it instantly.

Liquid applique can help emphasize a certain area of a shape or picture, such as the center of a flower or the candles on a birthday cake. You can color your liquid applique with ink to enhance an element of your scrapbook page. Extra fine scrapbook glitter can be added to the liquid applique for extra sparkle.

Using liquid applique on your scrapbook designs can assist you in making your pages unique. Experimenting with new products will help keep the excitement alive in your scrapbook routine.



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