Doodling on Scrapbook Pages

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What is doodling on a scrapbook page?

Doodling on Scrapbook Pages

One of the new trends in the scrapbooking world is doodling. You will find this new technique in all of the scrapbook trend magazines. Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine will surely have some doodling examples for you to reference. What makes "doodling" so much fun is that you are basically scribbling your own design on your pages and photos. Your doodles don't have to be perfect because the technique is freehand. Anyone can doodle on their scrapbook layouts, no scrapbooking classes or art expertise are required.

Doodling looks best when you use scrapbook markers. This creative scribble can be done on page borders, photo mats, photographs, backgrounds, etc. You can even doodle on patterned paper or printed papers to add your own personal touch to the pre-made design. Doodle on your die cut shapes to add color and pizzazz.

Doodling may seem awkward at first, but the best way to start is to “jump in with both feet” and see what you can create. Doodling is using your imagination to make beautiful scrapbook pages that will preserve your memories forever.



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