Pregnancy Scrapbook

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What is a pregnancy scrapbook?

Pregnancy Scrapbook

A pregnancy scrapbook can be a fun keepsake for kids. This little scrapbook tells the story of your pregnancy. Just like baby scrapbooks, pregnancy scrapbooks are memorable albums for the entire family. A good place to start your pregnancy scrapbook is with a picture of you when you found out you were pregnant and record the date. As you go through your pregnancy, keep a journal of your doctor's appointments and how you felt throughout your pregnancy. You can include ultrasound pictures and other interesting information. Update your photos month by month so you can see how your body is changing. Be sure to get some side views in order to capture the “full effect” of the growing belly. Take photos of your doctor, the hospital where you delivered and even your hospital room.

At the end of your pregnancy scrapbook, write a letter to your child about how you felt during the delivery and what your feelings were when you saw them for the first time. A pregnancy scrapbook can be a treasured keepsake for you and your child to share.



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