Quick Easy Baby Album Ideas

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What is one idea for a quick baby book?

Quick Easy Baby Album Ideas

Whether you are creating a keepsake baby album for yourself or someone else, here a few ideas for some simple baby scrapbooking that will highlight baby milestones:

Baby pictures month by month. Create layouts that capture how the baby is growing or changing. Include a page or two to record each month of their life, starting with the day they were born. You don't have to include millions of pictures to make a heartwarming baby keepsake album.

Baby “book of firsts.” Dedicate a two-page spread to each “first” in the baby's life. Things like first bath, first words, first tooth, first steps, first foods, first haircut, etc. This little baby book will be fun to look at when your child is older.

Baby “book of milestones.” This book can be a mixture of the two other baby album ideas. Start by documenting special days in the baby's life such as milestones, the day they were born, immunization days, first steps, meal time, etc.

Baby scrapbooking ideas can be endless. Start with basic scrapbooking supplies, such as baby scrapbook paper and accessories or a baby scrapbooking page kit and create your baby scrapbook album of memories.



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