Memorabilia for Baby Scrapbooks

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What are few items you can save to put in your baby scrapbooks?

Memorabilia for Baby Scrapbooks

A baby scrapbook is an essential memory book for every household. Parents are so excited when it comes to the arrival of a new baby. When starting a baby scrapbook featuring your precious little one, the proper scrapbook supplies and baby scrapbook ideas are good to have on hand. Whether you are creating a baby boy scrapbook or a baby girl scrapbook, here are some items that are fun to include in your baby scrapbook album.

  • Baby shower invitations, list of gifts received, cards and photos
  • Ultra sound pictures
  • Mask or piece of hospital gown dad wore
  • Hospital bracelets
  • First pair of booties
  • A lock of baby's hair
  • Grocery or gas receipt from the first week baby was born
  • Baby's footprints, birth certificate from hospital, etc.
  • Band-Aid from first immunization
  • Diaper from first package
  • Outfit worn home from hospital
  • Christening clothes
  • Label from first jar of baby food
These items are wonderful memories that will be entertaining to look at in the future. Memorabilia will help make your baby scrapbook layouts exciting and a baby memory scrapbook will be a treasure for many years to come.



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