Baby Picture Tips

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What is one tip for taking good photo of your baby?

Baby Picture Tips

An important part of creating an adorable layout for your baby scrapbook is high-quality photos. Babies are so much fun to photograph, but often times the pictures turn out too dark or too blurry. In order to take better photographs of your baby there are few tips you can follow:

1. Stand directly over the baby when photographing him or her on their backs. This will ensure a clear direct shot of the child.

2. Use a high quality camera. Digital photos or automatic cameras work best. If you buy a disposable camera make sure it is a quality brand so your photos don't suffer.

3. Keep your camera handy so you can capture all ranges of emotions. Although we like happy faces, it is fun to see how our babies react and photograph their sour faces, sad faces, confused faces, etc.

4. Pick a certain time of the week or month to have “picture time.” Documenting your baby's growth and changes can be a great addition to your baby scrapbook. Bath time can be the perfect time to take pictures of how much you child has grown. A few fun shots in the tub are fun, but doing a “photo shoot” in a clean outfit right out of the tub is the ideal time to take some wonderful photographs.

Taking quality photos is not difficult if you pay attention to detail and follow a few simple tips like those listed above.

Scrapbook albums are the best way to preserve wonderful memories of your baby. You can adorn your pages with fun embellishments, delightful photos and even some baby scrapbook quotes and poems.



12/2/2007 3:26:22 PM
Scrapgirl said:

This tip could be misinterpreted and pose a danger to the baby. Small babies should never be photographed with a flash within one meter of their eyes.


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