Embellish Your Die Cuts with Scrapbook Microbeads

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What do clear microbeads do?

Embellish Your Die Cuts with Scrapbook Microbeads

Scrapbooking die cuts come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. Why not make your scrapbooking die cut shapes dazzle with scrapbook microbeads? Microbeads are available in various sizes and rainbow of colors. These tiny beads can add depth and dimension to your die cuts without too much bulk. Using microbeads on a flower shape or on letters will make them “jump off” the page. Clear microbeads can even make colored images have a “stained glass” look.

In order to adhere the microbeads to your scrapbooking die cuts, you should completely cover the area with a strong adhesive and either generously sprinkle the beads onto the die cut or pour the beads into a container and turn over the die cut to press firmly into the beads. Then, flip your die cut back to the front and press again firmly or go over it with a brayer to make sure they are securely embedded. Liquid glue will work best if you are only covering a small area.



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