Tip for Gluing Fibers or Ribbon on Your Scrapbook Pages

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What is a good scrapbook glue to use for fibers and ribbons?

Tip for Gluing Fibers or Ribbon on Your Scrapbook Pages

Fiber and ribbons can be tricky items to glue to your scrapbook layouts. When trying to adhere these types of items to your pages, liquid glue may be your best choice. Squeeze the glue in a thin line on your scrapbook page where you want to put your fibers and let it start to dry for a minute, and then place your fibers onto the glue and press down firmly. Allowing the glue to dry a little will let the glue get “tacky” so it doesn't smear and make a mess on your layouts.

Using these and other scrapbook adhesive solutions will assist you in creating clean, attractive layouts for your scrapbooking albums.



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