Digital Scrapbooking Software

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What are the two basic types of digital programs?

Digital Scrapbooking Software

There are two basic types of digital scrapbook programs for digital scrapbooking. One is general graphics software like Adobe Photo Shop or Corel Paint Shop Pro, which help you create digital layouts from scratch. The other is specialized digital scrapbook software like Hewlett Packard Creative Scrapbook Assistant. These programs offer lots of extras, like specialty elements to include on your pages.

Some of the digital software supplies and features include:

  • Templates. Digital scrapbook templates are typically ready-made layouts where you just have to add pictures.
  • Fonts. There are hundreds of different styles of lettering to use on your digital scrapbook layouts. You are sure to find something to compliment any theme you choose.
  • Quotes and Sayings. You can include some clever quotes or poems to add some individual charm to your pages. Why not quote your favorite scholar or hero?
  • Backgrounds. Pick an appropriate background to enhance the theme of your layout. Backgrounds can be detailed with shapes and colors or they can be subtle.
  • Embellishments. Embellishments are “little extras” that add so much, like ribbons or faux metal accents. Digital embellishments don't have the bulky aspects of traditional scrapbook embellishments, but they have the same purpose.

Most of these tools and features are available from various resources. There are several places where you can download templates, fonts, quotes and sayings, backgrounds and even embellishments free of charge. Search the Internet for the best sites and have a ball designing your digital scrapbook layouts.

Using digital scrapbooking tools on your layouts are sure to help you create unique, attractive pages that you can treasure for a lifetime.



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