Don't Throw Away Your Scraps!

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What is one way you can use scrapbook paper scraps?

Don't Throw Away Your Scraps!

Paper scraps from your scrapbook layouts can have many uses. You don't have to waste your scraps; use them for other projects and pages. Here are some ideas for using up your scrapbook paper scraps:

Use your scraps to cut out shapes with hole punches. Hole punch shapes are typically no larger than 2 inches, so you don't need a lot of paper to create these cute little paper embellishments.

Depending on the size of the scraps, the paper can be used in die cutting machines to make adorable die cut shapes. Typically die cut machines require the paper to be slightly bigger than the size of the die cut you are creating. Square pieces of scrap paper are perfect for making die cut shapes.

Beautiful borders and backgrounds can be created from scrap papers. Use 2 inch-thick scraps from a 12 x 12 page and cut the edges with decorative scissors to make a fabulous page border. You can also use long strips of paper to create striping or weave the paper strips to construct a raised page background.

Use your paper scraps to cut pages for mini albums. Cardstock scraps make great mini album page bases. You can also use the scrap paper for journal blocks.

Never throw away your scrap paper; there are so many uses for these paper scraps. As you create your layouts you will come up with more and more ideas for these otherwise useless pieces of paper.

Scrapbooking paper and supplies can get expensive and paper is an essential part of your scrapbook layouts. Organize your paper into drawers or binders, so you have it on hand to use on your scrapbook pages.



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