Paper Distressing Techniques

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Name a paper distressing technique.

Paper Distressing Techniques

Scrapbook paper is more versatile than you may think. There are several techniques you can use to turn smooth, plain paper into textured backgrounds or embellishments. Here are some techniques for adding texture by distressing your scrapbooking paper and/or cardstock:

Crinkling paper:

Wad up a piece of paper, then straighten it out to create wrinkles for a page background, photo mat or sidebar decoration. The result will be distressed paper. You enhance the wrinkles and creases by sanding them or inking them to make them stand out. There may be some tears around the edges that add more character to the paper and your scrapbooking pages.

Sanding paper:

Use some fine sand paper and create a rough texture on the paper by sanding it. This will sand off some of the color and the scratches in the paper will make it look worn and weathered. You can sand the edges for a distinctive page outline. Sanding can be done on cardstock or you can change your patterned scrapbook paper with a little sanding, too.

Paper crimping:

This technique requires some paper crimping tools that can be purchased at many scrapbook supply stores or craft stores. The paper crimping tools will make the paper 3-dimensional and create many beautiful textured patterns.

Paper tearing:

The paper tearing technique is probably one of the easiest techniques to perform. You can tear the paper in a straight line or into various shapes. Tearing pattern paper and layering it on top of your cardstock base can create some added bulk to make gorgeous layouts.

All of these paper distressing techniques will enhance your scrapbook paper and help your to create unique scrapbooking pages for your albums.



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