Scrapbooking Templates

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What are different types of templates that can be used for scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking Templates

Scrapbooking templates can be used for many tasks. There are several types of templates available. Templates can be used for lettering, tags, envelopes; scrapbooking die cut designs, etc.

Here are some different types of templates you can use for your scrapbooking pages:

Lettering Templates. These templates can assist in creating many different lettering designs and fonts. You can trace the letters onto your page "header" or cut out each letter separately to place in the desired area of your page.

Envelope Templates. These templates can help you create many different sizes of envelopes. You can use small envelopes for decoration on your scrapbook pages. You can create custom envelopes to fit different sizes of cards that you make from your scrapbooking supplies. Envelopes can be used for many things. Envelope templates come in a variety of sizes.

Die Cut Templates. This type of template is usually a picture or image of some sort. Some popular templates include, flowers, hearts, shapes, and many types of silhouettes. Die cut templates are used to add character to your scrapbook pages. These template are also used for paper piercing and other techniques.

Templates can assist you in making perfect designs for your scrapbooking layouts.



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