Fabric for Scrapbook Embellishments

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I would like to use a piece of baby blanket as an "embellishment" on one page and a piece of baby blanket binding (the satiny edging) on another scrapbook page. How would you suggest I secure these items in place? I am wondering if there is an adhesive that you would suggest, or should I be thinkin

Fabric for Scrapbook Embellishments

Baby blanket fabric would make wonderful scrapbook embellishments for your baby scrapbook page layouts. Adhering the fabric to your pages can be done in several ways.
One suggestion is to use a heavy-duty adhesive like glue-dots that will stick to your fabric and adhere it to your pages.
Another suggestion is to sew the fabric to your pages with a sewing machine (sewing on pages has become extremely popular). One more idea is to use metal embellishments like rivets or brads to secure the fabric in place.



11/5/2006 9:05:44 PM
amanda said:

Another way to adhere the fabric to a page is to use "wonder under" on the wrong side, iron it on the scrap that you want to add, let it cool, peel the paper off, and then with low heat on the iron scrap onto the paper. This makes it permanent, and helps the fabric not to fray.


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