Attaching Vellum to Your Scrapbooking Pages

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Would you please advise me on different ways to attach vellum to scrapping pages? Other than matting I don't know what to use because the adhesive shows through the paper.

Attaching Vellum to Your Scrapbooking Pages

Vellum can be a tricky type of paper to use. Most adhesives will show through the paper, but there are invisible tape runners you can use in the outer corners so you can't see the adhesive unless you look closely at the paper. If you are looking for a totally invisible adhesive then you can try Fiskars clear photo squares, they adhere beautifully and do not show through the paper.

Another product you can use to invisibly attach vellum to your scrapbook pages is acid-free Cfrats Ect spray adhesive. When using this spray you need to be careful not to touch it for at least 1-2 minutes, then you can adhere it to your page.

If you would prefer not to use adhesive you can use eyelets or brads to attach the vellum to your layout.



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