Computer Scrapbooking

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I want to journal across the entire 12" page using my computer, but I cannot find a printer that accepts 12" wide paper. I have seen this effect in books. How do they do it?

Computer Scrapbooking

In order to print directly onto your 12 x 12 cardstock you would need a laser printer that accommodates larger paper.

There are a couple of options if you don't have access to a specialized printer. You can print your words on the smaller size and glue them together across your page. You could also print your paper on the landscape option and get 11" across, then have a border on each side of the text. One more idea is to use a copier to copy your text onto your cardstock. A copy shop would have the equipment you need to print on larger sheets of paper so that is another avenue you could explore.



4/5/2007 5:32:13 PM
newwood said:

You could also print 8x8 and trim the edges. They sell a lot of 8x8 books, which take up less space and are easier for little hands to look at. My daughter, age 2.5, loves to look at her digital scrapbook, which is printed at 8x8.


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