Scrapbooking Adhesives

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Scrapbooking Adhesives

There are many kinds of adhesives available for your scrapbooking needs. The right adhesive should be acid-free and photo-safe. You can choose from adhesive tapes, tabs, liquids, glue sticks, etc.

Some popular brands of scrapbooking adhesives is Dotto, Tombow, Herma, Scrapbook Memories, Sailor and others.

Adhesive tapes are quick and fast for photo mats, mounting pictures and placing other items on your scrapbook pages. These tapes work best on paper products.

Dotto glue dots are a heavy duty adhesive they can successfully adhere heavier items such as buttons, ribbon, metal embellishments, etc. The glue dots offer a permanent placement for your embellishments.

Scrapbook Memories makes products such as 3-D foam squares and mounting squares (which you use primarily on photographs). Foam squares are used to create a 3-D effect for your images, embellishments or photo mats.

Glue sticks are fast and easy to use, the only downfall to this adhesive is sometimes it will curl your paper or photograph.

Liquid adhesive is another option that you need to be careful with when using it. If you use too much it may bubble the paper and or leave a line where you put it on the paper.

Quality scrapbooking adhesive is essential to scrapbooking valuable pages. These pages will last forever if they are created using the right supplies and products.



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