Including Quotes on Your Scrapbook Pages

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Including Quotes on Your Scrapbook Pages

Originality in scrapbooking is essential. You can create original pages with exclusive ideas. Including journaling on your layouts is one way to tell about the photographs and help you remember what was going on during that time period.

Srapbooking quotes for your pages are a wonderful way to add some "elegance" to your page layouts. Famous quotes for your era are fun to have in your books. You can also include quotes from family members about the people in the pictures.

For baby books you can quote your child or record "first words" and funny sayings and phrases.

Including quotes in on your pages will make them unique but make them interesting for others to view.



9/9/2007 12:35:25 PM
how to scrapbook said:

I found your site while surfing digg this afternoon. I've been Scrapbooking for a while. Great site and some even better tips !! We've been going through our digital albums of our little boys and his baby shots and started printing them to do a scrapbook of his baby years. Man we have alot. Anyways again you have a great,great site!!

10/2/2007 8:23:05 PM
Scrapbooking Ideas said:

When you use quotes on your scrapbooking pages they become page elements all their own. I love using them sometimes as titles if they are short or on tags.

12/31/2007 9:22:52 AM
CLW said:

That is a great idea. I've never thought of that!


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