Paper Piercing

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Paper Piercing

Paper piercing is traditionally done with a paper piercing template and a piercing tool. Two different designs are created with a piercing template. One is a flat design and the other is a raised design. The flat design appears on the same side of the paper on which the template is placed. The raised design is on the opposite side. You decide which type of design best fits your page layout ideas.

Here is how to use a paper-piercing template:

Place the template on your paper and hold in place with removable tape. Tape it on the front of paper to get a flat design or on the back of the paper to get a raised design.

Place the paper on a piercing mat. It is helpful to use straight pins in the corners to hold the template in place, even though you are using removable tape.

Use the piercing tool and pierce each hole in the design.

Helpful Hints:

Use a piercing mat or a very thick mouse pad. Be sure to check that the piercing tool is not going through the mat. Your piercing tool can poke holes in wooden tables or other surfaces if they are not protected.

Invest in a piercing tool. You can use a needle, but it tends to be hard on your hands.

Use duplex or duo-tone paper for a distinctive look.

Be creative. Pierce all or part of the design.

Emboss around the edges with a stylus, for more dimension.

Use chalk, ink or paint to add color to your image.

Paper piercing images are beautiful additions to your scrapbook pages. You can buy materials for your paper piercing projects at any craft store or scrapbook on-line store.



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