Tear Bears

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Tear Bears

"Tear Bears" are all the rage among scrappers. These little paper-piercing creations have taken the industry by storm. There are several different patterns that can be used to create these bears. You can make your own pattern, use one off the Internet or buy a pattern book.

Here is what you will need to make your own "tear bear".

Handmade mulberry paper (it has to be able to tear easily when wet)
Bear or other character pattern
Q-tip or water pen

Trace your pattern onto heavy weight paper or plastic and cut out parts of your bear separately.

Now trace the body parts (head, legs, arms, ears) onto the mulberry paper and use a Q-tip or water pen to wet the outline of your pattern. Make sure the water soak completely through the paper.

Next, carefully tear along the shapes of your pattern. The wet paper will tear easily and since mulberry paper has several layouts there will be "fiber-like" edges where you have torn the paper (this makes it look like fur on your bear).

Once you have torn out your bear parts let them dry completely and then you will be ready to assemble your bear. Use your adhesive to glue the bear together and pose him however you would like.

You can use chalks or inks to outline the bear and add some color to his body. Use die cuts or pens to dry a face. Some scrappers like to dress their bears with paper clothing make from die cuts or templates.

These bears can be used on your scrapbook pages, tags, cards, etc. You can personalize your bear any way you would like. “Tear” animals or characters have become popular too. You can offer variety with other options and patterns.


Tear your paper slowly because you may slip and tear in a place you didn't want to tear.

Use a thin plastic to trace your pattern and hold it on the paper as you tear, this will help you to tear more evenly and get more shapely pieces.

Don't over due your body shading or faces.



7/24/2006 12:30:51 AM
JCM said:

excellent directions thank you

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SYH said:

Wonderfully informative site!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

5/18/2007 4:27:44 AM
fabygg said:

thank you! great directions and tips!!


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