Pop Up Windows for Scrapbook Pages

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Pop Up Windows for Scrapbook Pages

Pop up windows can temporarily hide things on your scrapbook pages. They allow items to be viewed and then hidden once again. This concept can add some mystery to you scrapbook page layout.

To make a pop up window, divide a piece of paper into three sections. The Karen Foster paper should match, compliment, or contrast your background color. Next, paste the middle section of your pop up window to your background. Now, place your object or photograph on top of this middle section. Then, simply close the window.

A nice bow or other embellishment can also be added onto the outside of these windows to add an elegant touch to the window. Embellish you window with some colorful brads or eyelets from Westrim Crafts. Another variation is to put a word or question on the outside of the window and have a corresponding word or answer inside.



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