Disney Scrapbooks

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Disney Scrapbooks

It is essential to include your “trip to Disneyland or Disney World” in your scrapbooks. You can create a separate book with a Disney theme and make the entire book all about Disney. Most kids are avid Disney fans. Going to a Disney theme park is exciting and memorable. You want to make the most of your Disney scrapbook so plan ahead and make sure you take pictures of every character you see. If possible get the family or at least the children in the picture too.

Some people take an autograph book to the amusement park and get the autographs of the characters so they can include that in their scrapbook. There are so many scrapbooking supplies on the market with a “Disney theme” that you will have no problem completing your Disney memory book.

Some suggested sizes for your albums are 6x6 or 9x9 so it is a kid friendly size and easy to complete. Making a specific book to remember your Disneyland/Disney World adventure is a great way to have a record your memories of the events for your family to reference later.



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