Preserving Artwork and Crafts for Kid's Scrapbooks

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Preserving Artwork and Crafts for Kid's Scrapbooks

Moms and dads like to keep artwork or creations that their kids make at school or other activities. Most moms have a kid's scrapbook where they keep all of their child's “works of art.” School themed books are essential and we want to be able to remember the beautiful things our kids have made through the years.

How can you keep the artwork and craft projects without the mess? Unfortunately, some craft projects and artwork tend to get lost or ruined quickly. This is where technology comes in handy; simply scan and print your child's creations for use in your scrapbooks. With a scanned image you can use your child's art for decorations in their rooms, grandparent scrapbooks, and kid's scrapbooks. These pictures can be used as backgrounds, as focus items, or as embellishments.



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