How to Choose a Theme for Your Scrapbook

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How to Choose a Theme for Your Scrapbook

Scrapbooks tend to be oriented toward a specific subject. When creating a scrapbook for yourself or someone else it is a good idea to have some sort of a theme. How do you choose a theme for your scrapbook?

The best way to select a theme is to answer 3 specific questions:

What is the overall purpose of the scrapbook?

Who are you making the scrapbook for?

Who or what is the book about?

Suppose you are making a scrapbook for your mother that includes all her grandkids. This type of scrapbook is basically a “brag book” for grandma. If grandma has all her grandkids' pictures in one beautiful book then she is going to want to show that book to everyone and do what grandmas do, which is brag about her cute grandchildren. So the theme of your scrapbook could be something like “Grandma's Little Angels” or “Grandma's Brag Book”, etc. There are so many themes you can work around when you are creating your memory books, you don't have to settle for boring titles; pick an exclusive theme that will suit your specific purpose.



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